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Whitney Husband: Million Dollar Interview

Meet Whitney Husband

Whitney Husband is a single mom and no stranger to the struggle and financial hardships that come with that.  Prior to Network Marketing, she was a stay-at-home mom on government assistance looking for a way to support her child from home.  Now, she is a top income earner in her company and prides herself on being authentic and real.

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Show Notes

Whitney shares a little about her background and when she was introduced to Network Marketing.  [2:16]

Whitney recalls when she decided to build a team versus just selling products and the first 90 days of building her business. [6:10]

Whitney describes what a online Facebook party is and the details of how to host one. [8:39]

Whitney shares how long it took her to reach the top level of her company, what she did with her first earnings, and where she’s at now. [13:12]

Whitney talks about finally buying a house and what people in her small town think about her success. [20:48]

Whitney reveals what drives her.  [25:15]

Whitney shares three lessons that she’s learned while building her Network Marketing business. [28:02]

Eric asks Whitney to recall her worst day in Network Marketing and how she handled it.  [31:33]

Whitney talks about what’s next for her in her business and in her life.  [33:42]

Whitney offers advice for those interested in pursuing a future in Network Marketing.  [35:15]

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