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Tom & Denice Chenault: Million Dollar Power Couple Interview

Meet Tom & Denice Chenault 

Tom and Denice Chenault have been the top earners in their company for more than 20 years and have built a huge Network Marketing business. They are champions of the Network Marketing Profession and have both been featured on numerous stages.  Tom hosts the longest running home-based business radio show in the world where he has interviewed the Who’s Who of Network Marketing, Personal Development, and Small Business.

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Show Notes

Denice shares her upbringing and when she chose to take a nontraditional path in life.  [2:10]

Tom reveals how he sabotaged his early successes with alcohol and how he turned his life around. [5:04]

Denice talks about when she was first introduced to Network Marketing. [10:56]

Tom recalls when he made the decision to get started in Network Marketing. [13:20]

Denice and Tom share the secret of their success – the “Coffee Shop Interview”.  [16:12]

Tom details how he uses “Contact Mapping” and the power of connecting with people. [27:00]

Eric asks Tom and Denice to describe the value of third-party tools in their process.  [33:41]

Denice and Tom talk about the role events play in their business.  [37:15]

Tom and Denice reveal how they’ve been successful working together as a couple and their daily method of operation.  [41:39] 

Tom shares the correlations that his found between his journey with sobriety and his journey with Network Marketing.  [48:46]

Denice and Tom offer advice to listeners who want to be successful in Network Marketing.  [52:41]

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