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Scott McKain: How to Become Iconic

Meet Scott McKain

Scott McKain is an internationally known author, speaker, personality, and authority who helps organizations create distinction in every phase of business and teaches the “Ultimate Customer Experience.”  He is the author of three #1 bestselling business books and is member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

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Show Notes 

Scott explains why connecting, standing out, and creating customer experiences are so important.  [2:27]

Scott shares what differentiates one person from another – starting with clarity. [5:51]

Scott and Eric discuss the importance of having clarity, and understanding what you are … and what you’re not. [10:47]

Scott reveals the two factors that customers or your downline will judge you on – promise and performance. [13:11]

Scott and Eric talk about how creativity creates distinction and how just one creative idea can make you wildly successful. [18:24]

Scott explains how communication and being able to tell a good story can make you memorable.  [27:30]

Scott and Eric discuss the importance of having a customer experience focus.  [32:24] 

Scott shares a story from his new book ICONIC.  [42:10]

Eric asks Scott about his appearance in the Werner Herzog film Stroszek.  [45:25]

Scott shares where you can access some complimentary resources. [49:54]

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast and Where to Find Them


ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain, and Regain the Ultimate Level of Distinction –

Create Distinction: What to Do When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business –

What Customers Really Want: Bridging the Gap Between What Your Company Offers and What Your Clients Crave –

Free Downloads:

Ultimate Customer Experience ebook and Creating Personal Distinction 14-day audio series with workbook –

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