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Les Brown: You’ve Gotta Be Hungry

Meet Les Brown 

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is widely considered a living legend. From his humble beginnings as an adopted child labeled “educable mentally retarded,” he learned how to reach his full potential and he empowers and inspires individuals to tap into their greatness.

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Show Notes

Les shares his favorite movie, food, the coolest celebrity he’s ever met, his thoughts on watching sports, and two books that have impacted his life. [2:44]

Les recalls his humble beginnings and a few of the people and events that positively affected him. [8:55]

Les and Eric share some of the people that have inspired each of them while reminiscing about the times they’ve spent together. [11:48]

Eric and Les discuss the power and importance of staying hungry as an entrepreneur. [19:33]

Les and Eric trade inspirational quotes back and forth. [23:12]

Eric and Les break down the idea of saturation and immersing yourself in greatness and inspiration. [30:35]

Les talks about how precious time is and the importance of living each day to its fullest. [36:00]

Les shares his opinion of the Network Marketing Profession and what a person can make of it. [38:49]

Les provides advice on how to deal with haters. [43:44]

Les talks about some of his challenges in life and how he’s faced adversity. [46:28] 

Les shares some closing thoughts and inspiration. [51:25]

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