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Jeff Altgilbers: Million Dollar Interview 

Meet Jeff Altgilbers 

Jeff Altgilber has been involved in the Network Marketing Profession for more than 40 years.  Based in Tennessee, he has a distributor base of 500,000 in 56 countries that collectively does over $200 million in business a year. And it all started when he was broke and sold a junk truck for $200 to get started.

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Show Notes

Jeff reveals when he got started in Network Marketing and describes his early years growing up.  [1:39]

Jeff shares when and how his path in life changed. [4:30]

Jeff and Eric reminisce about their early days in Network Marketing. [10:00] 

Jeff recounts when he decided to become “serious” about his Network Marketing business. [17:14]

Jeff recalls some of the ups and downs he’s experienced during his career. [28:37]

Eric asks Jeff to share his income achievements throughout his career. [45:51]

Jeff shares some of the biggest lessons he’s learned over his 40 years in the Profession.  [47:09]

Jeff reveals what’s next for him and his business.  [52:41]

Jeff offers advice for people who would like to get involved in Network Marketing.  [55:00]

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Jordan Adler: The Secrets of Network Marketing Success

Meet Jordan Adler

Speaker, leader, author, trainer, and motivator, Jordan Adler has built businesses consisting of more than 200,000 Network Marketing distributors and nearly 500,000 customers in countries all over the globe … but he wasn’t an overnight success. At the age of 34, he had less than $200 in the bank. Three years later, he became a top earner in his company and went on to earn $20 million in Network Marketing. He lives his personal dreams on a large scale and inspires others to go for theirs.

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Show Notes

Jordan talks about what inspired him to write his book Beach Money and the premise behind it. [1:53]

Jordan explains why he thinks people are moving away from the traditional business model and are become involved in Network Marketing. [5:00]

Jordan and Eric discuss the evolution of the people involved in Network Marketing and the evolution of the Profession itself. [7:40]

Jordan breaks down how most people start their Network Marketing business. [13:30]

Jordan explains the importance of learning the skills to be successful in Network Marketing and the best way to acquire those skills. [16:22] 

Jordan shares his philosophy on the proper mindset needed for Network Marketing and his opinion on what the difference between those who are successful and those who are super successful. [21:02]

Jordan and Eric discuss two of the most common misunderstandings about Network Marketing. [24:17]

Jordan provides advice to anyone interested in getting involved in Network Marketing. [28:13]

Jordan gives his predictions for the future of Network Marketing. [29:48]

Jordan reveals what he would say to critics of the Network Marketing Profession. [32:32]

Jordan provides a glimpse of the lifestyle that Network Marketing can provide to those who work at it. [38:31]

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