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Lisa Grossmann: Network Marketing Legend

Meet Lisa Grossmann

Lisa Grossmann is a Network Marketing legend.  Many years ago, Lisa was fortunate to have found a home in a Network Marketing company rich with industry heavy hitters who mentored her.  Always a hard worker, she listened, learned, and flourished.  Through the years she has developed into an extraordinary businesswoman, a multimillion-dollar earner, and an energetic entrepreneur always willing to impart her knowledge, mentor others, and share her remarkable vision.

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Show Notes

Lisa shares a little bit about her upbringing, her education, and her days in the family business.  [2:12]

Lisa recalls when she was introduced to Network Marketing. [7:14]

Lisa details her dealings with the FBI. [9:34]

Lisa compares Federal Prison Camp to Network Marketing. [16:17]

Lisa shares how Network Marketing embraced her after her incarceration. [26:08]

Lisa defines what million-dollar earners in Network Marketing do that is different than others in the Profession. [31:54]

Lisa offers advice on how to live a big life inside the Network Marketing Profession.  [35:32]

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