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Kevin Thompson: A Legal Look at Network Marketing

Meet Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson is a Network Marketing attorney and founding member of Thompson Burton PLLC.  Named as one of the top 25 most influential people in direct sales, Kevin has extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses on secure legal footing.  Recently featured on Bloomberg TV and in several national publications, Thompson is considered a thought-leader in the Profession.

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Show Notes 

Kevin shares one of the biggest misconceptions about Network Marketing from a legal standpoint.  [1:56]

Kevin talks about the number of Network Marketing companies that exist, the number that are problematic, and the difference between a good company and a questionable one. [3:45]

Kevin defines a pyramid scheme, a ponzi scheme, and provides the difference between the two. [9:00]

Kevin shares his recommendations on what people should look at when they are deciding on a Network Marketing company to join. [13:15]

Eric and Kevin discuss the consumer protections that exist within the Network Marketing Profession. [20:17]

Eric asks Kevin if, as a business attorney, he’s aware of another business opportunity outside of Network Marketing that provides a lower risk and the same or higher amount of reward and support.  [24:57]

Kevin explains why he became an attorney who focuses on Network Marketing.  [29:21]

Kevin shares some of the ethical standards that a majority of Network Marketing companies adhere to. [33:26]

Kevin and Eric discuss some of the most outrageous claims they’ve heard from both critics of Network Marketing and companies themselves. [35:34]

Kevin provides the advice that he would give to a best friend if they asked him about joining a Network Marketing company. [40:50]

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