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Hayley Hobson: Million Dollar Interview

Meet Hayley Hobson
Hayley Hobson is a holistic entrepreneur and a wellness advocate who helps new enterprising go-getters consciously create a lifestyle and business they love.  Her podcast has more than 10,000 downloads per month and her healthy life and biz blogs are featured in numerous media outlets.  When she’s not teaching or running a multiple seven-figure home-based business, you can find her working out with her husband Wes.

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Show Notes
Hayley shares a little about her background, and her days as an attorney and a Pilates/Yoga instructor before finding a better way in Network Marketing.  [2:00]

Hayley and Eric discuss the challenges of being a ‘people pleaser’ and the importance of setting boundaries. [12:20]

Hayley describes how she was first introduced to Network Marketing and her initial impression of the Profession. [13:50]

Hayley reveals when she decided to make Network Marketing a career, her first successes, and how she dealt with resistance from her ‘hot market’. [20:48]

Hayley shares how she used social media to grow her business. [26:00]

Hayley offers some social media best practices for posting on your personal and business pages.  [29:30]

Hayley shares some of the defining moments that she experienced early in her career. [35:49]

Eric asks Hayley how she balances her personal life, her family, and her business.  [41:56]

Hayley talks about the role that commitment plays in Network Marketing success.  [45:35]

Hayley provides some advice for people who want to become involved in Network Marketing.  [47:13]

Questions or Comments?
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