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Grant Cardone:  10x Your Life

Grant Cardone:  10x Your Life

Meet Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone is the best selling author of The 10x Rule, Sell or Be Sold, and If You’re Not First You’re Last. He is a sales trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, and real estate mogul who has built a $566 million portfolio of multi-family properties from scratch. 

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Show Notes 
Grant shares his backstory, his first jobs, and why he hated sales. [2:24]

Grant explains why saving money is a myth.  [12:05]

Grant points out the various financial traps that people get trapped by.  [16:53]

Eric and Grant discuss the worst formula to gain wealth.  [17:50]

Grant talks about the philosophy behind his book 10X.  [20:53]

Grant shares his thoughts on the ability of people to think bigger.  [32:32]

Eric asks Grant discuss why people are selfish and they don’t even know it.  [36:09]

Grant explains this thoughts on “sharing” versus “selling” in Network Marketing and the theory of sell or be sold.  [43:55]

Grant shares his thinking behind buying a jet and why so many people thought he was crazy.  [51:08]

Eric and Grant discuss the power of obsession.  [58:06]

Grant gives his impression of the Network Marketing Profession and what needs to change.  [1:05:03]

Grant provides advice for those who want to achieve more.  [1:07:54] 

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