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Donna Johnson – Network Marketing Legend

Meet Donna Johnson

A quiet giant in our Profession, Donna Johnson has been involved in Network Marketing for nearly 40 years – 30 of those with her current company.  During that time, she’s built one of the largest sustainable organizations in the world based on culture and ethics.  She has hundreds of leaders earning six and seven figures each year and her business is thriving and growing globally.

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Show Notes 

Donna talks about how she got her start in Network Marketing. [2:25]

Donna gives her thoughts on what she thinks defines her and her Network Marketing experience. [4:20]

Donna identifies the fundamental principals that lead to success. [6:25]

Donna describes how she ‘launches’ people new to her business. [9:20]

Donna shares her opinion on what motivates people and how to deal with ‘dream stealers’. [11:15]

Donna and Eric discuss how to find/cultivate leaders. [16:50]

Donna and Eric talk about the importance of recognition and appreciation. [20:35]

Donna and Eric discuss how company and Profession events lead to success. [21:30]

Donna shares her thoughts on contests and promotions. [23:05]

Eric asks Donna what makes her different from other people in Network Marketing. [24:22]

Eric and Donna talk about what drives top earners and the role personal development plays in their lives. [27:35]

Donna provides advice on how to get the most out of your Network Marketing journey. [29:40]

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