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Stefania Lo Gatto-Feier & Danien Feier: Million-Dollar Power Couple

Meet Stefania Lo Gatto-Feier & Danien Feier 

Stefania Lo Gatto-Feier and Danien Feier are two highly successful entrepreneurs – both separately and as a team. Their two widely different personalities work well together with Danien being the no-nonsense, straight to the point, get things done side and Stefania being the bigger than life, contagious enthusiasm for life side. This power couple has learned how to balance love, family, and business to achieve an amazing life.

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Show Notes 

Danien share his backgrounds prior to Network Marketing. [2:33]

Stefania recalls her first impression of Network Marketing and how she became involved. [8:00]

Stefania details how she first met Danien. [10:04]

Danien recounts the day he really started his business. [13:08]

Stefania shares when she made the decision to Go Pro. [24:48]

Eric asks Danien and Stefania when their relationship turned romantic. [26:34]

Danien and Stefania offer advice on how to achieve success in Network Marketing. [28:15]

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