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Respect, Trust & Radical Communication in All Relationships

By Eric Worre

To be successful in Network Marketing, it’s important to have harmony in your home and support, not only from your family, but from everyone in your life. I have learned that to do this, there has to be respect, trust and radical communication in all our relationships. 

While training Network Marketers, I’ve identified some situations that affect relationships, and in turn, families and businesses. I’d like to share a few of those here, and some ways you can use radical communication and respect to create trust in all your relationships. 

Work/Home Balance

Your balance depends on if you both work in Network Marketing or not. If you don’t, that is one conversation, and if you do, that’s another conversation. In our case, since Marina and I are both in the same business, we’re together 24/7 and our work/home balance is just, well, life. They are one in the same. If you are in different businesses, you need to communicate and negotiate your sacred couple and family time.

Design The Life That You Want

Literally write it down. What do you want it to look like? Every part. What do you want to drive? Where do you want to live? What kind of education do you want your kids to have? Where do you want to go on vacation? Marina and I did this a few years ago. The key is to communicate all your thoughts and opinions and do it together. Then, based on your current situation, live a life as close to that perfect life as you can. When you reach most of those goals for that perfect life, go back and reanalyze and redesign.

Dimming Your Light

This is when one person makes themself really small. They’re quiet and they support the other, who’s a really big, bright person. There are two reasons that the person is dimming their light. One, they have programmed to play it small as a survival mechanism, and two, they realize that if they were their most powerful self, it would be threatening to the other person and they would react negatively. So, to keep harmony in the family they dim their light, feeling that harmony is more valuable than their dream. It takes both people to fix this. The dominant one must stop pushing back and make space in their life and business for the other person. The one that has been playing small needs to trust that their dominant spouse won’t punish them in some way for them having and pursuing a dream of their own. 

Remember, radical communication and giving everyone the respect they deserve will build trust in your family, and in all your relationships.

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