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Courtney Epps: More Relaxing, Less Taxing

Courtney Epps:  More Relaxing, Less Taxing

Meet Courtney Epps

Courtney Epps is a Fractional CFO, tax strategist, and author of the book More Relaxing, Less Taxing:  Why You Would Be Brain Dead Not to Own a Business.  Her passion is to help individuals, home-based businesses, and brick and mortar businesses become educated in saving money on taxes legally, morally, and ethically.  Her specialty is finding and saving money that companies and individuals didn’t know existed.

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Show Notes 

Courtney shares her background, how she got into advising people to start a business, and how she personally got involved in Network Marketing. [2:02]

Courtney and Eric share some sobering tax statistics and discuss the financial advantages of starting a business in Network Marketing. [6:12]

Courtney reveals some of the tax savings that most people involved in Network Marketing aren’t aware of. [13:33]

Courtney explains a different way to look at prospecting and how business owners can actually earn money when they spend money. [21:36]

Courtney provides information on the services she provides for business owners. [28:48]

Eric shares some of his past battles with taxes. [34:59]

Courtney details some of the commonly missed tax deductions and how the IRS handles deductions. [36:43]

Courtney explains how to structure your Network Marketing business for the greatest tax savings. [38:59]

Courtney shares why you would be brain dead not to own a business. [43:22]

Resources From This Podcast

Courtney’s book More Relaxing, Less Taxing:  Why You Would Be Brain Dead Not to Own a Business, can be purchased at

You can get more information on Courtney’s tax services at

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